You have our guarantee that your congress or online event or project management is in good hands with Wing Flex. Because we know how important it is for this specific event to succeed. That it is exactly this particular project or planning that has to go smoothly. That is why we make every effort: with humour, eye for detail and respect for your wishes.

Your chance to organise a successful execution

You only have one chance to organise a successful congress or correct execution of a project. There are no final rehearses or opportunities to redo it. That is why we at Wing Flex make sure that we plan everything meticulously and execute it to the last detail. Passion, flexibility and humour are our drive here. And that makes us one of the more fun parties to work with. 

Our approach

We always organise congresses & events tailor-made. For our interim services, such as virtual assistance, we have special fees available. But our approach is the same for all our tasks. Our core values:

We work closely together

Good cooperation is the first condition for a successful event. Which is why we listen carefully to your objectives and wishes. What do you want to achieve with whom? Budget and planning are the maps we use to navigate. But your company’s vision and theme determine our course as well. 

We take a critical look at your plan because we want it to be feasible in the best possible way. That it has the impact you were hoping on – or actually a bit more than that. 

We pay attention to details

In our line of work you can only work meticulously. An online event or managing a project is like a mechanism: remove a cog wheel and it will falter. If we forget things or leave them to chance it will unsettle your event. That is why we at Wing Flex go into detail. We pay attention to the loose ends and make sure that every step of the planning is the right one.

We look inside and outside of our network

We have an extensive network. This means that we can use many national and international sources. Suppliers in the field of locations, entertainment, IT and communication, marketing, catering, software and design. We have worldwide access to the best suppliers, the latest innovations and best deals. And if we do not have it yet, we will look for better solutions. 

We use humour

Humour is extremely important. Humour breaks the ice, makes hard things discussable and makes us people flexible. When organising congresses or managing projects pressure may build and sometimes things happen which are beyond our control. Humour helps us to take the pressure off.  This provides us with a better ability to look for solutions and alternatives.

We are there

We are at your disposal in the run-up to and execution of your congress or project. This means that you can contact us 24/7 with questions or issues. On the day itself we are present on-site in case of an event. For a project we can work remotely and monitoring but we can also be present in your company. And there is no need to worry because you communicate with one contact person from beginning to end. And when the day is over, we will sit down together. Because each event project or execution has room for evaluation.

Want to know more?

Are you curious about this approach? We are here to help you with planning your congress or event. From complete management to individual pieces. Contact us today for an introduction without obligation.