Are you looking to improve your events? Do your meetings fail to achieve the desired effect or is your event team not working in the most effective way? Wing Flex is happy to think along with you. Event consultancy investigates where the shoe pinches and how that can be resolved.

Effective events

From medical congresses to branding events: each event is different and requires a unique approach. Twenty years of experience in the congress and event sector have taught us a lot. We have worked together with various large and complex organisations, both on the inside and the outside. This allows us to understand the different needs companies have and the objective of their events. And to see which tools and processes can be optimised.

Why opt for event consultancy by Wing Flex

Wing Flex looks carefully at your organisation: at the objective of your events, at your target group, and at your possibilities. Event consultancy is not only about consultation, it is about actually optimising your events as well.

Our experience in hands-on event management makes us strong. But there is something else that allows us to offer meaningful consultation: our network. A worldwide circle of suppliers, locations and other relations gives us the opportunity to come up with practical interpretations and solutions.

Event consultancy for your organisation

We are happy to give you an insight into event and congress management. Even when you decide not to commission us to manage your events. Do you want our expert vision? Call us at +31 850 607 787 for an introduction without obligation.