Digital Events

It's now more critical than ever to integrate a digital solution for a congress or event. Wing Flex is specialised in audience engagement platforms such as live streaming, audience polling, video conferencing, dedicated social media and more. 

Our solutions provide you with considerable benefits to help achieve ROI. We work with strong partners who can realise that.

Our solutions

Examples include virtual event solutions and live streaming via YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. Coming into contact with speakers from your workplace or at home who come together at a central point. It drastically reduces costs for location rental, logistics travel and even more important to reduce the impact on the environment.

Why a Digital Event?

  • Possible at any desired location such as office, hospital or studio
  • Different possibilities of audience participation & interaction
  • Content sharing is easy via live streaming
  • Speakers can simply present, in a studio or from another central location
  • Webinars are an essential part of today's marketing toolkit: we can help you get started or take your existing program to the next level
  • Virtual events help organizers acquire insightful data from the attendees
  • Sustainable organisation provides cost savings in addition to environmental gains

Wing Flex offers a one-stop-shop solution for digital events by arranging the right location, technology for the event and broadcasting, inviting participants, guiding and instructing speakers, advice on the composition of the program and producing videos and presentations.

Your event a resounding success

Wing Flex is your reliable partner in Digital Events. Is this right up your alley? Contact us now and find out what we can do for you.

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