Loukie van Lennep - Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

Ronald assisted us in organizing the international conference on antibiotic resistance in 2019, the AMR conference, which the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport held in collaboration with other health organizations, including the WHO. 

Ronald is a good listener, keeps a good overview, and he has an optimistic vibe.

Even in chaotic circumstances, Ronald continues to keep in control, and you notice that he has control over the many things that have to happen.

Ronald is an oasis of tranquility. He keeps an overview and finds time to solve problems besides his tasks. For example, a minister from Schiphol had to be picked up unexpectedly at 6 a.m., he did it, with a smile on his face while this was a big bite out of his day.

Thank you again for your indispensable help during our conference. You are a lovely person to work with!

Loukie van Lennep 

Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport - Department of International Affairs